PDO Threads

Non-surgical Polydioxanone (PDO)

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads have been used for several decades in all kind of surgeries particularly cardiac surgeries. PDO sutures due to their anti-allergenic properties don’t leave scars. Instead, PDO threads stimulate regeneration of collagen tissue of up to ninety percent. Livia’s PDO thread skin lift promotes skin hydration, elasticity, firmness, and lift. The thread lift performed by Livia Manner, FNP shows results  immediately and continue to improve monthly due to new collagen formation around the threads as they biodegrade.

PDO Thread Skin Lift

Livia’s insertion technique of PDO threads provide retexturing (smooth fine lines and wrinkles). She consequently brings lifting of sagging skin of face, neck, and body. Livia has been certified and trained in using Polydioxanone threads since 2015. Livia is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner that has developed her own techniques for PDO thread insertions in a safe procedure performed in our clinic Aesthetic Excellence® in Hollywood, Florida for best result outcomes.

Thread skin lift is a rising alternative to plastic surgery for those who do not want or do not qualify for the surgery itself. Because it is less invasive than plastic surgery, it offers faster recovery. The procedure does not cause scarring. Only minor swelling or bruising are experienced and transient in nature. Unlike plastic surgery, that only lifts the skin, Livia’s unique protocol of PDO thread selections provides noticeable continuing skin hydration, retexturing, and firmness for up to 24 months.

Our Nurse Practitioner Livia Manner usually takes 30 to 60 minutes to perform the procedure depending on the areas being treated. We use a combination of anesthetics prior to the thread insertions making the experience completely tolerable. There is no downtime as patients may resume all essential activities immediately.

After three months post procedure, you will see the best result as enough collagen has accumulated. The threads create a collagen network that may hold up to two years depending on client’s age and metabolic activity of skin cell. Some patients need a retouch annually. Like any therapy the result is affected by genetic and environmental factors.

The brand of PDO thread NP Livia uses is a hundred percent biodegradable (absorbed) within 4 to 6 months leaving only collagen behind. Its remarkable degradability prevents the risk for thread loss, causing unevenness of the face and body as seen with threads that are not fully metabolized.


Where can Polydioxanone threads be used?

Our thread lift is an FDA approved non-surgical solution for a facelift. Livia’s technique of her thread skin lift offers a lifting effect that dermal fillers alone cannot provide. 

PDO thread can be inserted into face and body. Just like in the face, PDO threads are used in the body for tightening and lifting of the skin. When injected above the knee, PDO threads lift the skin leaving your knee looking younger.

PDO threads work well in combination with dermal fillers to provide the best rejuvenation effect: Lifting, fullness and retexturing of the skin are maximized when they are combined.

Do you have drooping jowls, drooping face, turkey neck, sagging knee, or wish to have a cat eye lift, then Livia Manner’s PDO thread skin lift may be right for you.

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