Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation

Do not allow your hands to tell your age!

Once ignored by clients and aesthetic practitioners, hand rejuvenation treatments are becoming popular. Also as well as the understanding that anti-aging treatments encompass a complete body approach for rejuvenation. Livia Manner, FNP take hand rejuvenation to another level. She has been rejuvenating hands since 2009, at her med spa clinic Aesthetic Excellence®. She is located in Hollywood, Florida where she provides two therapies for hand rejuvenation.

Livia Manner offers either Radiesse® hands using a hybrid dermal filler or Renuva® hands a biostimulator to recreate adipose cell formation. To learn more about these options call Aesthetic Excellence® in Hollywood, Florida at 954-399-3229 to make your consultation appointment with Livia.

There is an old saying that expresses how the hands can betray us. “If you want to know a person’s age, look at their hands…” After the face, the hands are the second body part that exposes our age even more than the neck and decolletage. 

The decrease in collagen & elastin production that occurs with aging not only affect the skin of our face, but it also alters the skin of our hands. This change causes our hands to have a thin, translucent, tissue paper texture.  With that skin folds into wrinkles.

Other visible signs of aging hands is related to the loss of volume that also occurs over time. There is a heightened appearance of veins and tendons.

How Livia transforms your hands.

Livia Manner, FNP uses a dermal filler like Radiesse® or a biostimulator like Renuva® that she injects into the skin of your hands to cover the veins and tendons bringing a youthful appearance from retexturized smoother skin. You will notice this improvement in the quality of the skin of the dorsal (back) aspect of your hands.

If you want to look forever young, chose Livia Manner, FNP at Aesthetic Excellence® as your aesthetic provider who understands the aging process to provide youthful looking hands.