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Aesthetics for Men

Why is the male population seeking aesthetic cosmetic treatment? Like women, men in general desire to have a younger, fresher appearance. Weather they need to be comparative at working or dating, men are becoming aware of the boost in self-esteem and confidence that can result from receiving cosmetic procedures. Aesthetics are for men also.

Botox Treatments for Men

BOTOX® is just as effective in men as it is in women. However, the administration of Botox® is markedly different in men versus women. In men, the injection technique must be done in a way to prevent feminization of the masculine face (demasculinization).

Men prefer to minimize wrinkles as opposed to eliminate them. Men often say that they want to look more awake and less tired. Furthermore, men tend to have stronger muscle than female. The distribution and dosage of BOTOX® are the key in providing this treatment for male. Allowing for some brow elevation and wrinkle reduction without creating a feminine look is the final goal.

Dermal Filler Treatments for Men

Dermal Fillers injections produce remarkable results for both men and women. However, a male facial anatomy is quite different from that of a female. With that in mind, Livia Manner, FNP-BC uses an injection technique specifically for the male face that enhances the masculine anatomy in a natural manner.

Similarly to female, the male population also benefits from many aesthetic therapies, such as Kybella®, Scuptra®, Neck Rejuvenation and BBL to mention a few.

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Men don’t just want to look younger- most men come in to receive injectable treatments at Aesthetic Excellence because they don’t like looking tired, angry, or sad.