Face and Cheek

Face and Cheek

Livia Manner, FNP creator of Aesthetic Excellence® has been bringing facial harmonization to the face and cheeks or lower face to be in harmony with the upper face for a complete facial transformation. Nurse Practitioner Livia will help you be your best version at any age with her facial harmonization techniques. Call Livia for your facial transformation or restoration at 954-399-3229. Aesthetic Excellence® is here for you in Hollywood, Florida, just a short drive from Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Cooper City, Aventura, Miami and all the surrounding areas. Hollywood, Florida is central to all the communities of South Florida.

Cheekbone augmentation

Livia Manner, FNP certainly provides volumized cheeks which is a sign of youth and health. Her unique technique lifts the lower face and provides support to the upper face creating a harmonic look. Therefore, maintaining and supporting the midface and cheek area is an essential anti-aging practice. Livia’s technique will certainly bring you harmonization using products, such as Sculptra®, Radiesse® and Voluma® are great choices for cheek augmentation. Best candidates have flat cheeks, hollow cheeks, droopy cheeks or lack of cheek definition.

The structure of Jawline Definition

FNP Livia Manner also offers her jawline contouring as a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. Livia Manner Strategically injects a dermal filler  , Radiesse® for example, along the mandible (lower jaw) to create a more defined separation between the jawline and neck. Jawline definition offers the following benefits:

  • decreases the effects of age-related volume loss in the lower face
  • creates a more oval-looking jawline by restoring the “V” shape concept
  • reduces the appearance of jowls
  • contours the jawline by giving it a sharper appearance
  • balances an asymmetrical jawline
  • strengthens or add proportion to the chin
  • provides a strong foundation and frame for the face

Jawline contouring can be combined with Kybella® for best results. Please click on the button below to learn more about Kybella® and double chin (papada).


Marionette lines, also known as laughing lines, are creases or folds that run vertically from the corners of the mouth down to the chin. Marinette lines are important features of the face that need to be addressed in order to maintain a youthful look. Otherwise, the patient will develop a sad appearance even when he or she is happy. These lines result from the volume loss that occurs with aging or dieting. Nurse Practitioner Livia injects a dermal filler into the folds with the intention to diminish or erase them depending on your preference.

Chin Augmentation

A chin augmentation refers to refinement of the chin area. Once ignored, chin augmentation is one of faster growing nonsurgical procedures. A well-balanced chin is aesthetically more important than one might think as it improves facial harmony by bringing the chin into proportion with other face features. A nonsurgical chin enhancement involves Livia Manner, FNP injecting a dermal filler around a patient’s existing chin bone to augment the size and shape offering contour and adding balance to the face. Chin augmentation can also help to camouflage double chin and improve definition of the neck and jawline

There has been an international increase in the use of dermal fillers, such as Sculptra Aesthetics® and Radiesse® in the aesthetic treatment for soft-tissue augmentation and facial contouring. Both these products are gaining usage for correction of profile deformities and replacing surgery.

If you had a surgical chin implant and is dissatisfied with the result, be aware that it can be safely corrected with a dermal filler. Call Aesthetic Excellence® in Hollywood, Florida at 954-399-3229.

Ideal Candidates

Recessed Chin, Poor Chin Structure, Lack of Jawline definition, Facial Imbalance, double chin.

Face Enhancement AKA Liquid facelift (Harmonização Facial)

One of the core philosophies of beauty is to create and maintain face proportion and symmetry. These traits of beauty are created in such an intricate way while keeping the harmony of the human face. The human face can be divided into three equal proportions, upper third, middle and bottom third. Each third relates to each other in synergy to deliver beauty and harmony. Liquid face lift is a nonsurgical procedure that involves the injection of multiple products including neuromodulators, dermal filers and Polydioxanone (PDO) threads for volume restauration and skin lifting and tightening. The type of product and quantity are carefully selected to produce a harmonious face lift. Harmonize your face and cheek with Livia Manner, FNP at Aesthetic Excellence® in Hollywood, Florida. Call us at 954-399-3229.